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Cheap Jerseys China.Matt Ryan’s blistering hot season may be one for the record books, but he has more than just himself and his teammates to thank. Ryan and all recent quarterbacks have been riding on a wave of inflation in passing statistics. Although Ryan’s 2016 rivals Kurt Warner’s 2000 “Greatest Show on Turf” season, the two seasons aren’t easily compared — Warner’s passing yards were much harder to come by 16 years ago than they would be today.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.It’s no secret that the passing numbers in the NFL keep climbing. Analysts have been calling the NFL a passing league for the past few years, but the truth is it has been so for two generations, and there’s no end in sight for passing’s ascendancy.Passing’s nadir came in the mid-1970s, just prior to rule changes that opened things up for offenses. In 1977, teams averaged 142 yards on 25 attempts per game. After the rules were altered in 1978 to prevent contact with receivers downfield and to allow linemen to block with extended arms, those numbers jumped to 159 yards on 26 attempts and have steadily climbed to where they are today.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.


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