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You don’t have to be a genius to know that in the world of professional sports, talent on the field usually equates to popularity off it. The more a player dominates the rest of the competition, the more likely fans will go out of their way to associate with said player.Football Jerseys Cheap. In the National Football League, this tends to mean one thing: jersey sales.If you’re a premier player in the NFL, then there’s a good chance the fans — particularly those who truly love their hometown team — will spend big bucks on your top. Cheap Football Jerseys.The fact is, love means loyalty, and loyalty means merchandise sales. Welcome to “Sports Commerce 101.” Of course, as you might expect, some players are more popular than others. If we happen to go by jersey sales, then we know which ones stand out among the rest.The Green Bay Packers are never out of it with Aaron Rodgers under center. After a slow start to his 2016 campaign, the two-time MVP has been nothing short of spectacular over the final few weeks of the season. This year, Rodgers is completing 65.5% of his passes and throwing for 4,128 yards, a league-leading 36 touchdown passes, and just seven interceptions. Authentic NFL Jerseys.At this rate, it wouldn’t surprise us if the whole state of Wisconsin owned a No. 12 jersey.

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